Why Do I Need To Take Care Of My Spine?

Why Do I Need To Take Care Of My Spine?

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We are all aware of the health benefits of daily dental hygiene and the consequences if we fail to care for our teeth. Did you ever think about your spinal health? As a chiropractor in Allentown, I regularly see people with headaches, neck and back pain. Often they have been experiencing pain for months or even years. The pain usually stems from a mechanical issue like improper lifting, poor posture, stress or injury. The concept of routine care for spinal health is foreign to most people.

Your spinal column protects your nervous system. Your nervous system is your body's computer. All functions in your body both voluntary and involuntary functions require your nervous system. By caring for your spine you are caring for your most vital system.

There are 6 areas to address when creating spinal care routines:

  1. Nutrition: The food we eat helps heal or harms our body

  2. Exercise: Daily movement with a combination of stretching, weight training and cardiovascular exercise is beneficial for your spine.

  3. Posture and Proper Ergonomics: The way we sit, stand, lie down, work, lift and perform our daily activities affects our spine. If we are not aware of proper body mechanics problems can result in pain and dysfunction.

  4. Sleep: We heal when we sleep so we need to get the proper amount of sleep for our body to function best.

  5. Stress Reduction: Stress diminishes our health and creates spinal misalignments that degrade your health.

  6. Regular chiropractic checks: Just as you see the dentist for regular checks your spine needs to be checked for spinal misalignments that cause pressure on the nerves. These spinal misalignments can be present for years before pain or problems show up.

Creating healthy habits to support proper spinal alignment helps to decrease pain, prevent injuries and supports overall health. Start by taking 1 action, create a habit, then build upon to create lasting changes. Take a proactive approach to your health by caring for your spine and body in the absence of symptoms.


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