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Making Time for You by - Dr. Deepa Patel

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With the start of the new year, we all are going to be re-establishing new routines as well as embracing new resolutions. One of the most important recommendations I can share is to try to make time for yourself.

With most of us living very busy lives, we tend to forget to prioritize ourselves, and as the weeks and months go by, we start to feel the pain and muscle aches creep up.

I want to share three ways that will help you keep yourself healthy and happy. I hope you all have a very Happy New Year!


  • Invest in a planner to help you map out your day and week. Having things laid out in front of you makes it easier to pinpoint free time and helps you schedule time for yourself. You don’t need to block off excessive time, 15 minutes each day is all you may need.
  • Once you know how much time you are able to dedicate, you can start planning the activities you’d like to incorporate in order to help with your self-care.

Establishing a Routine

It is important to stick to your self-care steps. Life is busy, and those hectic life events will always be present, but it is important not to forget about yourself. It becomes easy for us to postpone our own agenda when other pressing things arise. This is why sticking to the routine you established is important.

Doing Good Things for Yourself

Self-care can include things you already enjoy doing, or you can try something completely new. A lot of our maintenance patients incorporate their chiropractic wellness adjustments as part of their self-care routine. If you are looking for some suggestions, consider adding massage, practicing yoga or meditation, or even using our infrared sauna.

These are just a few ideas to help you kick off your self-care journey and start prioritizing yourself!

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