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New Patients at Comprehensive Chiropractic

You can make your first appointment online or by calling the office. Our staff will collect some background information to ensure you’re in the right place.

If so, you will receive an email link to complete the online patient forms before your first appointment. Comprehensive Chiropractic appreciates you sending in the completed paperwork the day before your appointment. This allows our team time to review your concerns and prepare for your consultation.

When you walk through our office doors, expect to be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. Make yourself at home, knowing you’re in a safe space, with caring individuals. Our patients are always the priority; we won’t make you wait for long.

Upon arrival, a staff member will greet you and escort you to the new patient room. You’ll be asked to complete a few additional forms before the doctor arrives. The doctor will come into the room, review your paperwork and listen to your complaint. What brought you in today? What is your goal for chiropractic care?

Next, you will receive a physical exam, including INSiGHT™ scans, postural pictures, and a foot scan, if necessary. If the doctor determines your findings allow, you’ll receive your first adjustment. When done, please proceed to the front desk to handle payment. Please allow 60 minutes for this visit.

The second visit is the report of findings. Your doctor will review all exam results, go over the scans with you and present their recommendations for care. They’ll discuss your care options and, if you decide to proceed with care, you’ll receive your second adjustment. This visit is typically 30 minutes.

Your unique care plan determines when you will be reassessed. Maintenance patients are reassessed every six months.

The doctor advises the frequency and duration of the recommended care plan during your second visit. You will meet with a team member to review the financial break down and payment options in detail.

If you wish to proceed the team member will set up your payment plan and appointments for your care plan. HSA and FSA cards are accepted. We can also bill out to out of network providers. Major credit cards are accepted.

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New Patients at Comprehensive Chiropractic