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Open Heart Open Mind: The Art of Living Heart Healthy

fruits and vegetables in a heart-shaped bowlWritten by Dr. Deepa Patel

Our heart is a very important organ in our body and helps us achieve and do a lot of incredible things. Our heart is a muscle and just like all the other muscles in our body, taking the right steps to ensure it is kept strong, is important in keeping yourself healthy. The number one way to keep your heart healthy and strong is to exercise. Exercise strengthens the muscle and helps prevent the heart from overworking. A strong heart can more efficiently pump blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients to other parts of your body. Exercise can lower your risk for developing plaque in your arteries and can also lower your risk for developing heart disease.

Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle has many benefits. Two proven ways of giving yourself a major advantage in preventing future health concerns would be eating healthy and exercising. High blood pressure, obesity/being overweight, inactivity, and higher cholesterols are all major contributors of heart disease. It can be very easy for us to let our busy schedules take over and we forget about keeping up with healthy choices. Setting aside a few minutes each day to continuously work on a healthier lifestyle can decrease risks for heart disease. Exercising 30 minutes a few times a week can help keep you and your heart in the best shape possible. Additionally making the correct food choices will aid in lowering your risk of developing heart disease. Two great recipes to try with your family are:

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