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Oh Geez, Here Come My Allergies

Written by Dr. Deepa

Box of TissuesAs the warmer weather approaches, some of us at one point in time, will experience the frustrating symptoms of allergies. Some of the symptoms experienced could include itchy/watery eyes, scratchy throats, or even allergy-induced asthma. Even though you might have experienced symptoms, understanding how it affects the body could help you feel your best all year round.

To begin, allergies are your body’s reaction to any substance it feels to be harmful or unknown. Some of the common things that could provoke a reaction include: pollen, molds, animal dander, and dust. Everyone’s body is different and the reaction that’s produced will also be different for everyone as well. Some people might experience mild symptoms whereas others could be hit hard with hives, itchiness, rashes, runny nose, or watery/red eyes.

Treating these symptoms can seem frustrating at times, especially when the symptoms are really stubborn and don’t want to be resolved. We tend to resort to over the counter relief, which is filled with man made chemicals that can be toxic for our bodies. It can also be more harmful than good in the long run, especially if we are not taking the time to detox our systems and remove the built up toxins.  Now more than ever, people are looking for a natural source for relief of seasonal allergies, which is a topic I am genuinely excited to go over with you.

Over the past few years, organic and locally sourced all natural honey has become a fan favorite in terms of the multiple benefits it provides for allergy sufferers. Research studies conducted have also found positive results showing, “Honey ingestion at a high dose improves the overall and individual symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis [AR], and it could serve as a complementary therapy for AR.” Furthermore, when you’re buying locally sourced and grown produce, it helps further support our communities and helps bring us closer to our food and each other. It’s important to know where your food is coming from! Utilization of local raw honey in conjunction with chiropractic care can increase the potential benefits of allergy relief. Getting adjusted regularly ensures your body is prepared to fight off any foreign substance attempting to gain access to our bodies, such as an allergen.

Having your body in the proper alignment enables the nervous system to work at its optimum, without having to compromise any of these functional abilities.  Children who suffer from asthma induced allergies especially feel the relief from allergy symptoms using chiropractic care. A research study conducted in 2001 found that, “After 3 months of combining chiropractic [Manual manipulation] with optimal medical management for pediatric asthma, the children rated their quality of life substantially higher and their asthma severity substantially lower. These improvements were maintained at the 1-year follow-up assessment”.

Whether it’s your first time dealing with a horrible allergy season, or you deal with allergies every year, getting adjusted and taking care of your body helps it function optimally and allows you to feel your best. When we feel our best, we also live our best life and begin to enjoy more moments with our loved ones. Living a happier and healthier life is what we are here to help you achieve together.

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