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Why Is Chiropractic Important for Athletes?

woman rock climbing on a wallYou may have heard that virtually every elite, Olympic and professional athlete gets regular chiropractic care—but most people don’t understand why. The short answer is: to prevent injury and perform better.

The Nervous System Connection

The brain controls every aspect of the body by way of communication through the nervous system. Messages travel along the nerves to every cell of the body. When your nervous system is working correctly, the messages get delivered as they should. But when there are interferences along those communication pathways, it’s like having poor cell reception—the messages aren’t clearly understood, and sometimes they’re dropped entirely.

By correcting misalignments in the spine with chiropractic adjustments, we remove interference so your brain and body communicate as they should, which means your body functions and moves as it should. For athletes, this is critical to achieving optimal performance. It’s also important for preventing injuries.

Athletes of All Ages and Abilities

At Comprehensive Chiropractic in Macungie, we treat athletes from elementary school through adults who participate in every imaginable sport. Keeping their bodies in tune through regular chiropractic care helps keep them in the game and playing at their very best.

If injuries do occur, we focus on your entire body to get the entire musculoskeletal system functioning optimally again. We incorporate rehab exercise protocols to stretch, stabilize and strengthen the body to help speed healing and reduce the likelihood of reinjury.

Year-Round Care

Of course, hockey is huge here (go Lehigh Valley Phantoms!), but many of our patients play multiple sports. Because our approach is holistic, we are always engaged in keeping your entire musculoskeletal system functioning optimally—we don’t just focus on one area of the body or one muscle group. We help you keep your whole body moving well, so you can enjoy all of your activities, year-round.

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